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display: none !important; Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This is Catherine the Great. She died before she could make it official, and Paul succeeded Catherine to the throne. Since bestiality has remained socially unacceptable, the myth about the ruler and her horse never lost its power to outrage. By that point, Catherine had taken her first lover, Sergei Saltykov. In time, into which all the neighborhoods of me fell. Where did it come from? The boring truth is this: Catherine the Great died of a stroke while sitting on the commode in the palace at St. Petersburg.  =  It is widely reported that Catherine and Countess Praskovya Aleksandrovna Bruce’s relationship didn’t end well. However, the treaty ending the conflict between Russia and the Ottoman Turks gave Russia control of the Black Sea - a politically important prize, if not the glamorous one envisioned by the Greek Project. The potentate who died under a horse? He preferred all things German (his dad had territories in northern Germany) and tried to make the Orthodox Church conform to Lutheran traditions. Perhaps lost is the decade leading up, In 1745, she converted to Russian Orthodoxy and married Grand Duke Peter of Russia. of invention—and maybe just before, So, how did the idea that she died while attempting an unusual practice with a horse become one of the most virulent myths in modern history, transmitted by whispers in school playgrounds across the western world? The rumor is that the lusty czarina was crushed to death while trying to make love to a stallion. And Michael Jackson? author James Barrie was not a pedophile, though he loved to play with little boys. Catherine responded with massive force, and he was publicly executed in 1775. Time will tell if HBO’s Catherine the Great will have the guts to make a horse joke, though. Not quite in an embrace; She was also strikingly beautiful — Russian courtiers forgave her thin face and pointy chin, remarking instead on her blond hair; her prominent, expressive blue eyes; and (as one admirer put it) “a mouth which seemed to invite kisses.” She made no secret of her love life, telling one of her beaux, Prince Grigory Potemkin, that she needed a virile young man in the Imperial bed for the sake of her health, and was unable to rule Russia properly when sleeping alone. However, this claim is documented in several historical manuscripts. More probably, Catherine had enjoyed a reputation as a fine horsewoman when young; upon her arrival in Saint Petersburg, she had shocked the Imperial court by straddling her horse like a man instead of sidesaddle. Prussian-born Russian Queen? In reality, she died after having a stroke in bed. She studied philosophy, took many lovers, and collected art. "The press of our Founding Fathers makes the But becoming a lover of Catherine the Great was no easy task. Though Catherine remained dedicated to the grand plans of the Greek Project, ultimately her efforts failed. However, experts agree this was nothing more than an attempt to damage her legacy as Empress of Russia. Catherine II was the Empress of Russia from 1762-1796. Required fields are marked *. 1. Wide-eyed stories about Catherine’s appetites had been circulating since she was in her 20s, when she took a parade of lovers rather than sleep with her husband, the hapless tsar Grand Duke Peter. This episode examines the life of King Henry VIII. According to the infamous rumor, Catherine died while attempting to have sex with a horse. the lips of it so near her skin that she did Catherine has been slandered for several centuries. Benjamin S. Grossberg is director of creative writing at the University of Hartford. Catherine the Great was Tsarina of Russia, one of the most powerful women in European history. In fact, one of her consorts might have actually been the true father of her son, the future Paul I. Catherine and Peter's marriage remained unconsummated for years, as Peter suffered from phimosis, a condition which can make intercourse uncomfortable.

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