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Looks like your connection to Netgate Forum was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect. I've been looking at the modem/router settings to see if anything looks off and I've noticed that the settings is set to 802.11n, would it be better to set it as 802.11ac? We signed up for gigabyte internet service from Centurylink a few months back but I don't think I'm getting what I paid for or my hardware isn't performing to the full potential. View the PDF file for free. I live in an apartment complex with a Netgear RAX45, C3000z (gotta confirm that), and 40/10 fiber on CenturyLink. But somehow it got jacked in the process. It looks like you're new here. CenturyLink ZyXel C3000Z Upgrade.

I'm not entirely certain what happened but I have everything working again. Transparent Bridge config for CenturyLink Zyxel C3000Z. My Laptop is connected via WiFi while my PS4 is connected directly to the ZyXel. And about 25-30% of the time my PS4 doesn't recognize the network via Ethernet cable without restarting the console or the router, but connects via WiFi just fine. In the past, I set the modem to transparent bridging, configured VLAN tagging to 201 untagged on my RAX45, but my RAX45 would suffer frequent disconnects or have no internet at all. View the User Manual.pdf for the ZyXEL Communications model C3000Z WiFi-N VDSL2 4-port Combo WAN CPE I88C3000Z.

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My Router and modem are the same device ZyXel C3000Z that I rent from my ISP for the time being. Is it at simple as ditching their hardware and getting my own? I eventually reboot the firewall and it wouldn't come back up. A community for discussing and asking questions about CenturyLink and their products and services.

Then I reloaded a saved configuration. If so, what types of devices should I be looking at? Then use the Orbi router in router mode. The ZyXEL C3000Z was one of the modems recommended by CenturyLink.

We believe that an open-source security model offers disruptive pricing along with the agility required to quickly address emerging threats.

© 2020 Rubicon Communications, LLC | Privacy Policy. This topic has been deleted. I’d rather use the Google WiFi unit and keep the C3000Z in bridge mode, but I wasn’t sure if there is any way around the vlan tagging issue. Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. I don't particularly like the C3000Z, but should I just put it in transparent bridging mode for the Amplifi?
The router sits in the basement as that's where they installed the inbound Ethernet cable in a concrete wall of our 2story duplex. You will also need to set VLAN 201 tagging. I had to use the console to start from scratch. You can now just plug your AmpliFi directly into the ONT. Only users with topic management privileges can see it.

The Router will allow the WAN IP address to pass-through to the device connected to LAN Port 1 Only. Can I hook the Orbi router directly to the Centurylink C3000z router for setup and use? And now.. everything is working just fine and I have pfSense working with my bonded DSL modem in a transparent bridge. It didn't work. We provide leading-edge network security at a fair price - regardless of organizational size or network sophistication. I'm running a Netgate SG-2220 with latest firmware and just signed up for CenturyLink pair bonded DSL with the Zyxel C3000Z modem. Is there an affordable way I can get the maximum potential out of the service I'm paying for with Centurylink?

I'm just overwhelmed with which device(s) to choose from to fix these small issues. I configured the modem (I know it's a bridge) for transparent bridging and changed the WAN on pfSense to PPPoE. Product information, software announcements, and special offers.

See our newsletter archive to sign up for future newsletters and to read past announcements. When the test is performed on my PS4 I'm getting consistently 200mbps download and between 5-10mbps upload. I don't know why pfSense failed to boot after a while. I need some dumb help. Both of them seem low for what I am paying for.

New to networking but really interested in the topic.. hoping you guys can help me.

I'm just overwhelmed with which device(s) to choose from to fix these small issues. So it had nothing at all to do with pfSense settings in the end. Page 31: Rfc1483 Transparent Bridge C3000A 802.11n and 802.11ac Wi-Fi Router How to Set the T3200 to RFC1483 Transparent Bridge From the WAN IP Address screen, select RFC 1483 Transparent Bridging and click Apply. From what I am reading on past posts is that I should call my ISP and put the modem in bridge mode and then connect a better router for my network. No joining required. It seems so simple. It gave me all sorts of fits trying to get pfSense happy again which has become a huge shot to my confidence in its reliability, but I digress. Just get your PPPoE credentials and enter them to your AmpliFi router. At times it seems like our WiFi is all over the place whether it be reception or speed. I know that sounds odd, but that's the wonky state I got myself into and I don't fully comprehend it yet. Copyright © 2020 Zyxel Communications Corp. All rights reserved. Press J to jump to the feed. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. I want to use the C3000Z as a bridge for the fiber network as I want to use an Amplifi HD mesh as the router, however, I've heard that I just need a vlan router for it?

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