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Marin Noggenfogger, Gazlowe, Baron Revilgaz, Mogul Razdunk, Kryll, Landro Longshot, Trade Prince Gallywix, Boss Mida. One day, he and his tribe raided a lone priest traveling the road. Despite being the youngest, he’s actually the tallest as well. Gorscrik Bleeder- A gloom hunter who seeks vengeance against a powerful Hobgoblin warlord. By playing a Goblin, you also have a chance to rise above their nature, proving the world that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. “Xobtax will kill. The traveler, a cleric of a goddess of justice, had managed to put out the fire before it had done any real damage, and then had come after the goblin. Sports a white/black mohawk. Iz Iz – Claims to be a great and powerful sorcerer who can bend reality to her will, but the stars are just not aligned today. ", "Jot - The oldest of a set of brothers. With that belief, he clasped his amulet and heard the voice of Auphaela, The Breaking Dawn for the first time. He dreams of being a mighty paladin one day. I'm going to name my ele shaman Zapflinger. "Dead Trout of Nitzcave - First goblin to figure out how a crossbow works. just kidding: Hairdresser! Sir Raynaldus the Heroic – claims he’s a decorated knight from a nearby kingdom who definitely doesn’t associate with other goblins. "Gorscrik Bleeder- A gloom hunter who seeks vengeance against a powerful Hobgoblin warlord. "Joot - The second oldest. Hosts a cooking show (viewed on scrying mirrors that some rich people own) called 'Gobblin' With A Goblin' in which he details the process of kidnapping, cooking, and properly serving people. ", "Rik and Gnalde - An elderly couple who've been mated for years. ", His form is slimly and almost…scaly. In the night, the goblin arose and grabbed the box, delighted to have found such a prize. Gargar The Ox – A very small, blue goblin with sharp teeth and a too-wide grin. Although small, they are extremely strong for their size. He has built his clan up on raiding, magic, and good old intimidation. Goblin Name Generator - World Of Warcraft is free online tool for generating Goblin_wow_names randomly. Has a massive bonus the listen checks. In this video I talk about the goblins and how powerful they are in world of warcraft. As a Fashion Designer, the goblin Haughty Modiste's name is constructed of the words ". After being washed into a side tunnel by a Dwarven Waste Disposal crew, he revived and learned to survive in the hazards of the Underdark. "Little Zorm: a teenage orc who was raised in a goblin tribe and believes themselves to be an unusually large goblin. Regularly sends squads into nearby towns to get him 'Booze and wrenches', pissing off the local bartenders and engineers. ", Inside he found three crusts of bread. document.getElementById('randomDiv').innerHTML = msg; ", He finds clothes uncomfortable, instead wearing only a loin cloth and coating himself in dirt, twigs, leaves and anything else he can find. Having large tribes, they are one huge family that has little regard for individual life. Unfortunately his arms never got much workout so he barely has the strength to swing a sword. He has a bag with him and you can be sure, one item in there is a firestarter and the rest, some sort of explosive devices. ", He strives to embody her tenants of charity and respect in the hopes that he may one day be able to atone for the sins of his tribe, his people, and himself.

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