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Violeta is another Romanian name that is based on a popular flower, the violet in this case. Anton. Crina isn't even ranking in the top 10,000; in fact, it came it at number 16,085 in 2016. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. You can trace the name all the way back to the Hebrew, " yehōhānān," or "Yehohanan," which then became  Yehanan. 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Of course, it's a good idea to think of how these names will sound together and not just the first name in isolation. Nicknames could include Izzy, Iza or Bela. Francise is a derivative of the English Frances and means free man. A variant of Dorothy, meaning gift of God. Nicoleta is a name that comes down from the Greek Nikolaos. Leah became Jacob's wife in the Bible, but it was her sister he really wanted and worked to marry. Ioana is found in Bulgaria as well as Romania. Luiza is a distinctly European way to punch up plain ole Louisa. Also, it would work well for couples who differed on just how rare a name to settle one. Something like Lily, Faith or Claire, for instance. Romanian form of Yolanda, meaning violet. Adrian. Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. It would blend well with a straightforward and simple middle name, like Bliss or Blythe, for instance. The inherent temparament and basic nature of a person. Ioana is a  unique name that comes from the immensely more common Hebrew masculine name, John, or its feminine, Joanna. Mirela is a name that seems timeless. Toma. girl Queen + Add to my list Related names. Famous Mihaelas include Mihaela Dascalu, Romania's most celebrated speed skater, and Mihaela Melinte is a world champion hammer thrower. they focus on their physical appearance and posess many capabilities. This name would work well with a longer middle name, such as Gabrielle or Lisette, for example. 5, Joanna Gaines Discusses Message Behind Her Second Children’s Book, 15 Physical Signs That Suggests It's A Boy, Mom Upset Husband Refuses Vasectomy Even Though They're Done Having Kids, 10 Surprising Things Men Should Never Do During Labor, Laboring Mom Horrified When Dad Eats Pizza & Drinks Beer In Delivery Room, Winnipeg Family Searches For Toddler's Stolen Prosthetic Arm, 10 Spiritual Girl Names Filled With Positive Energy, Deavan Clegg Opens Up About Miscarriage On '90 Day Fiance', Premature Baby Once On Life Support Defies The Odds & Heads Home, Family Of Twins Formerly Conjoined At The Head Thankful For 'One In A Million' Surgery, How Your Bowel Movements Will Change During Each Trimester. It lends itself well to creativity. Ioana is a strong, bold choice for a baby girl whose parents like to be different but classic. both Palm tree Sorin/Sorina. Sonia. Michael is an archangel in the Bible, so a prominent character. Alexandru. This soft, sweet name is probably the most familiar of names on this list. Aurel. This list may not reflect recent changes (). The original word for lily in Romanian, is "crin." Andrei. Ioana could be shortened to Ann, Ana or Annie, or maybe even Io. Nicoleta Daniela Sofronie is a Romanian gymnast and Nicoleta Matei is a Romanian singer. It hasn't charted in the US since 2013, and then it was way down in the basement, around the 11,000 point. Nicknames could range from Cam, Cammie or Mel, to Melia, Lia or Cally. Names Abel. Luminita is used in Romania, and also in Spanish-speaking regions. Sorina is the feminine form of the Romanian boy name, Sorin. It is a rarely used name, not even given a ranking in 2017. It could also be somewhat Americanized to "muh-HAY-lah.". Izabela is a Romanian form of the very popular, Isabella. Mihaela is a fairly rare name here in the US, like most Romanian names. Tabitha was also an adorable Beatrix Potter character, a cat. Elenuta is a variant of Helen, meaning shining or bright one. A variant of Ana, meaning God is gracious. The name Ilinca can be traced to the Hebrew name, Elijah, meaning "My God is Yahweh." Nicoleta is a long name that contains hard sounds so best options for middle names include softer, shorter ones. While unusual here, it ranks highly in Romania. It is pronounced "i-link-uh." Tabitha is a Biblical named favored in Romania. A "Reveca" could be called Rev, Revy, or Veka for short. Wants to know Astonishing truth related to your baby? Anatolie. The name, meaning "devoted to God," ranked #4 in the US when spelled the more conventional way. Vandas in culture and history include a character in Sir Walter Scott's 1825 novel, "The Betrothed." In Slavic regions, it often refers back to the Vandals, a people group from Eastern Germany who helped defeat the Roman Empire. Or maybe it's simpler to think of the name Bianca and minus the bee sounds at the front. We are unable to respond on request for personalized assistance at the moment. Andreea. Suitable nicknames could include Mira, Rela, Miri or Mirel. Luminita Saviuc is a writer and blogger. According to some sources it means, "bright; beautiful," and for others, it means "noble; illustrious." Sorina means "the sun," and sun names have been favored through time in most cultures. However, spelled in the Romanian tradition, Izabela ranked only #3369 last year. girl Crown + Add to my list Related names. Aurelia. It's so rare in the United States, it hasn't charted in any years of recent times. A variation in Romania would be to change the final syllable to a /tsa/sound. Vanda is a Romanian name meaning "wanderer," but it is seen in cultures all over the world with very different meanings. It is pronounced REE-lee-uh. Ana-marie. What items do you need on your baby registry? A fan of the TV show "The Jeffersons," might think of Weezy as an option, too! Katrina is a mom to 7, stepmom to 2 and an English tutor to kids in K-college. Elisabeta is the Romanian form of Elizabeth, meaning God is my oath. Still others trace the meaning as being "to soothe." Sanda. It ranked in popularity here in the US just above the 5000 mark, so pretty rare indeed. It came in at #1375 last year in the US for baby girls. Violeta Chamorro was president of Nicaragua, and Violeta Parra was a Chilean folk singer who was an icon. Thank you for your support. Some sources say the name means, "golden-haired." Antoaneta. Ioana means, "God is gracious," and makes a lovely choice for a long-awaited child. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. girl Defending men + Add to my list Related names. The possibilities and options are pretty wide, making it a more original and customizable choice for parents seeking an unusual but lyrical name. It fits a woman from decades past as easily as a newborn millennial. Of course, gold is precious, lovely and represents something pure… Anca is traced to Hebrew roots and means, "grace; favor." Ilinca is again, fairly rare here in the US, ranking at #1974 in 2017 for girls. Camelia. It wasn't used until after the Protestant Reformation in Europe, and was later popular with Puritans in America. One main root name is Helen. List of Romanian baby names, Romanian babies names, Romanian baby names and meanings has been compiled from various resources. Bodgan, bogdan. Reveca sounds like a cool, modern twist to an old, popular name (Rebecca) but it's of course an Old World name in actuality. All rights reserved. A variant of Alexandra, meaning man's defender. Anca is pronounced "AHN-ka." Choosing a baby name can induce stress in a pregnant woman! After all, what other single decision made upon birth can determine the rest of a child's days the way a name choice does? 114 Elegant Romanian Girl Names … Daciana is another rare name that is unlikely to be heard in many American school rooms today. Daciana can be pronounced with a soft 'c' sound, like in silly, or with a 'ch' sound like in church. It is rarely used in America, not charting since 2015 and at #15,795 back then. Violeta Friedman from Transylvania, Romania, was a Holocaust survivor who became a writer. Mirela ends in a final short vowel, meaning it will probably work best with a middle name that begins with a consonant or a long vowel. Tabitha is the name of a woman in the New Testament of the Bible, someone brought back to life by St. Peter. In Aborigine Australia, it means "a sandhill." Anica. The pronunciation can be tricky, and parents have options with this name. Anghel. It is derived from the name of a flower, specifically the the camellia which is a flowering shrub native to eastern and southern Asia, which is probably why the name Camelia appears in Indonesia as well as Europe. List of Romanian baby names, Romanian babies names, Romanian baby names and meanings has been compiled from various resources. In Japan the flower symbolizes spring and in Korea, it is used in wedding ceremonies. Others trace the meaning to be "peace;" "world;" or "God spoke." Famed Anca's include athletes such as Anca Grigoras, a Romanian Olympic gymnast; Anca Barna, a German tennis player; and Anca  Pătrășcoiu, Romanian Olympic swimmer. Other options may include Leta, Coli, or Nico. Feminine form of Romanian Ilie, meaning the Lord is my God. Anca is a simple yet strong name due to the hard /k/ sound. Luiza has old time charm with a little zing with the Z in the spelling. Catalin. Izabela is also the name of a Croatian singer (Martinovic). The name ranked last year in the US down near 10,000, thus it's fairly rare. The name "Crina," is a Romanian name meaning "a lily." It fits all kinds of language types, making it most flexible. Camelia is another sweet, timeless name from Eastern Europe. Should You Make a Career Change After Going Back to Work? Please use this up to date list of Romanian name as a reference to name your kid/child. The violet as a flower represents love and a delicateness; it is also the flower of Greece. Louis means "famous in battle," and comes from the word "hluod" meaning famous, and "wīg," meaning war or strife. However, in Romania it charts in the top 10 or 20 year to year. Izabela is the name of a number of Polish actresses, and also the name of the queen of Hungary. Nicknames include Nicol, Colette, Cole, and Nicki. These names are culled from lists of Romanian baby girl names, so they have a European flavor that has a  bit of a twist to them. Famous Crina's include Crina Pintea, a Romanian handball player, on the Romanian national team.

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