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royal enfield himalayan frame break

SIDE BAG SET for front top frame on Himalayan. It sells for Rs 1.80 lakh (ex showroom, India). The Royal Enfield Himalayan is well known for its quality control issues. This isn’t a one-off isolated incident for the bike. Follow us on facebook @WheelBHP and on twitter @WheelBHP. Never seen or heard motorcycle frame tearing itself apart like this, worst case scenario should be a bent frame but not a broken one. Mal Mathers, an Australian who claims to have about 30 years experience in the welding industry has this to say about the frame breaking. Himalayan BS6 changes include enhancements based on feedback reported from current users of the Adventure motorcycle…. I am sure both tvs and ktm are having a hearty laugh at these shenanigans. This is a big quality failure. I am glad the bike did not break into two while doing high speed highway run. RE uses a Half-duplex split cradle frame on the Himalayan. After hearing mostly positive feedback about the bikes, I … Got my Himalayan last November and tried my best to keep to the manual limits over the first 300 miles - must have strayed over the top speed a few times but never over 50mph. Back to back Punctures leading to regular problems with the chain + rear brakes. That is not a Classic. Copyright 2020 © WheelBHP, All Logos & Trademark Belongs To Their Respective Owners, Hyundai i20 2020 Variant And Engine Options Revealed, GoMechanic Opens Spare Part Distribution Outlet In Kashmere Gate, New Delhi, Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Launching On November 6, India’s First tastefully modified Kia Sonet, MG Gloster launched! Royal Enfield Himalayan - A powerful motorcycle with 411 cc engine for on road and off road. It is a 441cc air-cooled single overhead cam engine that is fuel injected. It appears to be the 535cc. Rear brakes got stuck one late night and I was stranded on my way home. Also this doesn't seem to be a case of weld failure because as far as I can tell the chassis is intact. The rider is completely fine thanks to protective gear. Royal Enfield reported a 1.92 percent increase in domestic sales but an 11.1 percent dip in exports in the past month Chennai based Royal Enfield ended September 2020 with … This indicates that it has failed on bottom section first and later the top in my opinion. Let’s talk about your requirements or something about that brewing web idea in your mind. For standard replacement parts please enquire. Because I dont think that normal gas or electric welding will be enough. We the owners of Royal Enfield Himalayan are facing a lot of problems with our bikes. Royal Enfield created a completely new engine with a different configuration for the Himalayan. A motorcycle’s frame breaking is serious, and at high speeds could end up in the bike going out of control. The motorcycle, which has run 7,000 Kms, is barely a year old, and was purchased in June 2016. Page 22 Remove 3 Hex socket Hex. Yes, for sure only an accident or continual abuse such as hard touch down from wheel stand or jumping do this. I was thinking of upgrading to an Interceptor but it's goodbye RE for good, at least for me. These are manufacturing defects and the company knows about it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/rehimalayan/. I received these images from a himalayan owners group on facebook. Over to Royal Enfield now. https://wheelbhp.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Royal-Enfield-Himalayan-Breaks-Two-Parts.mp4. If we keep aside Royal Enfield’s negligence on quality control, Himalayan is one bike which we all love to like. Royal Enfield Himalayan owners have been complaining about troublesome bikes with poor quality parts. 14 Upgrades to get your Royal Enfield Himalayan Touring Ready! All these issues are really getting on the nerves, seriously considering to sell off my bike. Via REHimalayanFBGroup Just received another video forward on our Ducati group. From the above video thanks to the source, we can see that the chassis joint near the front forks. At the first service the dealer said I could now do what I like as RE were just 'covering their backsides' with their recommendations. Wonder where cs santosh is now considering all the visibly real bad press this bikes getting... Somebody should tweet him and get his feedback. Paying a premium for this bike and it's filled with issues. Explore - features, specifications, colours, reviews, images and more about Himalayan bike. Many customers across India and other countries have experienced the same issues. Seems like buying a Himalayan is a death wish. This comes amidst other rumors of the Royal Enfield Himalayan like the launch of a new model with 40hp or a 650cc Himalayan. Over to Royal Enfield now. Now, this is the RE Classic. Saw a post on fb a month ago about another frame breaking near the headstock somewhere in the mountains up north, tried to look for the post again but can't locate it . The Dark Side Of Japan – Yamaha MT-15 First Ride Impressions, Review : The Double Barrel Gun “Royal Enfield 650 Twin”. Still, they have not taken any major steps towards solving our problems and they are happily launching a new version of the bike without addressing the problems of the previous Himalayan Owners. Looking for a website? They did some redesign and improved their welding proceedures and then re-released the motorcycle. Close-up images of the cracked frame. These bags have been specifically manufactured to perfectly follow the shape of the side top frames on the Himalayan models. Review : The Nex Gen Maruti Suzuki Ertiga | The New Urban Car ? This is a Cast Iron Bullet 500 and not a Classic. They are held in place by 4 velcro … And for those that would never buy an RE again , remember not to buy a honda or a Kawasaki or a KTM . However, the Himalayan-owner Jason disagrees and says that both the top and bottom parts of the frame on his bike broke at the same time. Why, a consumer court has even directed Royal Enfield to refund a Himalayan owner, who continued to face multiple issues on his bike despite service centers trying to fix them. We the owners of Royal Enfield Himalayan are facing a lot of problems with our bikes. Before I get concerned about these photos of the Himalayan's frame breaking, I want to see documented evidence that proves these motorcycles are the current production machines. It is India’s most affordable reasonably powered adventure motorcycle. Re: Welding defect in Royal Enfield Himalayan; frame cracks! These are manufacturing defects and the company knows about it. A week ago, Jason D’Souza, a Royal Enfield Himayalan owner from Mumbai, had the scare of his life. With a price tag of just $4749, most experienced riders would likely think that the Royal Enfield Himalayan is not a very capable motorcycle. This is very scary to say the least. I received these images from a himalayan owners group on facebook. Even if the rider was not off-roading or riding aggressively, damage like this should be a rare occurrence. RE has been known to use customers as guniea pigs but this is nuts. Hyundai Creta 2018 Facelift- Still Perfect? @nitro - I have numerous images of my friends breaking their KTM's and Hondas while attempting to do stuff which no sane man would do. By the power of deduction your best bet is a Suzuki as I think I've even seen a broken Yamaha but couldn't find the image.

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